Interpretation Of Cinderella And The Little Slipper Made Of Glass

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For a possible context argument: • When and where and by whom was this version of the tale (e.g., Perrault 's version of "Cinderella") first published? Be as precise as possible.

Cinderella, or The Little Slipper Made of Glass was first published by Perrault, Charles in Charles Perrault: The Complete Fairy Tale Trans. Christopher Betts. This version was published in Oxford UP in the year 2009.

• What is one social issue, which was important for the culture in which the text was published, that is either present in or is plausibly related to the events of the tale? Cite a passage from the tale where that issue is relevant.

Some of the earlier cultural trends or beliefs can be seen through the lenses of the that period of time. One of the major social issue that is evident is the oppression of an innocent girl. “The worst of the household chores were given to her stepdaughter: it was she who washed the dishes and scrubbed the stairs, she who cleaned out the mistress 's bedroom, and the bedrooms of the young ladies her daughters. She slept right at the top of the house, in an attic, on a dirty mattress, while her sisters in their bedrooms had parquet flooring, beds o f the most fashionable design, and looking-glasses in which they could see themselves from head to foot.” This shows the ill-treatment towards a caring daughter who does endures it without complaining even once. She has ever right to the lavish dresses and the ball her sisters go to but she is only shown

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