Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis Paper

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It is known that people with disabilities rarely seek that label themselves, but they are considered one of the most discriminated groups. “They are often segregated from other people, have fewer employment opportunities, earn lower incomes, are less likely to marry, have fewer social relationships and experience fewer community and leisure activities.”(Davidson, Smith & Burns, 2014) In 2000 Gillman raised the possibility that by the process of giving a learning disability diagnosis it can build the individual as powerless and that “a new and stigmatized social identity is simultaneously made salient for the participant. “ There is research on how mainstream populations feel after taking a cognitive assessment, there is also research on how it affects people with dementia,…show more content…
This study was carried out with a small amount of people, in my opinion I think that for a study to be successful it needs a lot more people to base a conclusion on, after the IQ assessment they participated in an interview giving feedback to the clinician, how they felt about the test and how they feel afterwards. To analyze this research Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis was used, IPA “is to explore in detail how participants are making sense of their personal level and social world.”(Smith & Osborn, 2007) The study was composed of people between the ages 16- 65, all the participants were given the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale III within the last 6 months, this is a test design to measure intelligence in adults and older adolescents, the test is composed of 15 subtests and provide a full scale IQ and four additional composite score indexes, verbal comprehension Index, perceptual reasoning index, processing speed index and working memory
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