Interpreted In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

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The Lottery Essay The Lottery by Shirley Jackson is an interesting story that can be interpreted in many different ways. Not everyone is enthusiastic about the sacrifice. Most members of the village are reluctant to participate in the lottery. Some members of the village want to continue the lottery. This essay will provide evidence for these statements. No one in this story is enthusiastic about the lottery. The story supports this when Mrs. Hutchinson shows up late and says she forgot what day it was. Generally when people show up late to things it means they are not excited or enthusiastic. If anyone was slightly enthusiastic about the lottery it would be Old Man Warner. He is yelling at the younger people of the village for wanting to quit the lottery. Also when the villagers tell Old Man Henry that other places have already quit lotteries he thinks it's a bad idea and is trouble. No one can blame the villagers for not being enthusiastic about the daunting lottery. Most members of the village are reluctant to participate in the lottery. The text supports this idea when some members of the village talk about discontinuing lotteries. Another part from the text that supports how members of the village are reluctant to …show more content…

There is only one villager who would be disappointed and maybe mad if the lottery ended, Old Man Henry. The text shows this when the other villagers are talking about stopping lotteries and he says that it would be trouble if they did that. Also Old Man Henry has been participating in lotteries for seventy-seven years, he would be mad if the village broke the tradition. The young kids in the story seem to slightly enjoy the lottery. The text supports this statement when the kids are all running around and collecting rocks and guarding their piles. But the younger kids do not fully understand what's actually happening. If the lottery did end Old Man Henry would be the only one

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