Interpreter Of Maadies Short Story

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their hospitality. Lilia and her family became very happy and celebrate their happiness with special dinner. But Lilia, longing for Mr. Pirzada and she missed him so mush, like before Mr. Pirzada missed his family. She realized the grief of Mr. Pirzada:
Though I had seen him for months, it was only then that I felt Mr. Pirzada’s observed. It was only then, that raising my water glass in his name that I knew what it meant to miss someone who was so many miles and hours away, just as he had missed his wife and daughters for so many months.” (IM 42)
Thus, Lahiri dealt with such themes like the theme of alienation, longing for own country, tradition and partition. Apart from this, she dealt with the theme of food. In this story, Lilia’s mother always prepared Indian food only, that observed by Asha Chobey and she told; “Food comes as a fistful soil from the motherland. Not only does food serve as a shield of native life for Mr. Pirzada but also it serves as a strong bond between the protagonist, Mr. Pirzada and Lilia’s family.
Interpreter of Maladies which is another story of the nine collections of Lahiri. In which she interprets the life of the second generation immigrants, she well explained about their interconnection with the different culture. They born and settled in the host country. Even though, their mind could not be attached with the alien culture. She obviously revealed by her fictional characters. This story narrated by the unknown narrator. The title of the story
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