Interpreter Of Maladies Analysis

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A Review on the Short Story “Interpreter of Maladies”
Jhumpa Lahiri is considered as one of the twenty best young writers in New Yorker’s 1999. She is the first person of South Asian descent to win an individual Pulitzer prize in 2000. Jhumpa
Lahiri being an Indian American herself portrays the cultural boundary in having roots from
India but being adapted to the American culture in the short story “Interpreter of Maladies”. The short story is fabricated along with the major theme absence of communication. Throughout the short story Lahiri points out the theme in order to convince the reader how lack of communication could affect on the lives of people.
The story begins at a tea shop where they have stops by to have some
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The theme of communication and its absence is concerned as a major theme throughout the short story.The difficulty in communication is firstly evident in the character of Mr. Kapasi who interprets for a living but unable to communicate with his own wife.His ability to communicate is shown through his incapability to speak other languages and now he is fluent only in English.
The gaps in communication are clearly apparent even between the people who speak the same language.Mr. Das and Mrs. Das fail to interact and they do not have any connection to each other or their children. They talk only when they are arguing .Though the characters struggle to communicate , they do not succeed in communication. Miscommunication or unexpressed feelings are associated with the characters.
Consequently, the themes of isolation ,guilt, separation, and misunderstanding are also
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Mr.Das only can absolve her of her guilt.The theme of misunderstanding and perspective is further extended according to the behavior of the characters and the way they see others .Mrs.Das hates her husband’s job and sees him as a failure .In turns Mr.Das thinks that his job is important .Mr. Kapasi thinks that his job is a waste of his linguistic skills while Mr.Das sees it as a great responsibility.
Marriage and love is another theme that is highlighted within the story.Marriage is a new bond with love which builds up between a couple.But in the story, love and marriage are complicated and disparate attitudes on love and marriage are crystallized.Mr. Kapasi finds no comfort in his marriage.The environment also reflects the inner disputes on marriage between the characters.
Hence,the rubber-filled sun temple in Konarak which is a dry region indicates the ruin of the marriage between Mr.Das and Mrs. Das.In addition ,the theme of self realization and the need of empathy to realize others are reflected through the characters of Mr. Das, Mrs. Das and
The theme of cultural identity is reflected through the difference between the American
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