Interpreter Of Maladies Summary

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Most of JhumpaLahiri’s short stories emphasize on the lives of Indo Americans, and the short stories in Interpreter of Maladies are set in India or part of the US, including Cambridge, Massachusetts, and an anonymous university town very much like Cambridge. In her short stories, characters come together for reasons that are not intimate and wind up finding themselves in intimate situations. For example, in “Interpreter of Maladies” the two main characters Mr. Kapasi and Mrs Das find themselves together in a car because Mrs Das hires Mr. Kapasi as a tour guide. Other stories in the collection involvean after-school caretaker and her ward, a landlady and her tenants, and a married couple in crisis.JhumpaLahiri tells many of the stories through an unexpected narrative perspective of someone who is distantly related to the person under observation. Few of the stories involve dramatic plot lines, although most involve the aftershocks, epiphanic event, such as an affair, a miscarriage, or immigration.
In Interpreter of maladies, Jhumpa focuses on simple day to day problem faced by people in their daily lives. here she concentrates on the Indian society and the Indo immigrants. The difficulties faced by them in adapting new lifestyle, culture etc. The prominent theme in her short stories consists of:-
Love and marriage are twisted in Interpreter of Maladies. A marriage is the beginning of a new combined life for two people. In these stories, a marriage is an event of joy but also
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