Interpreting The Tone In Jamaica Kincaid's Girl

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Jamaica Kincaid writes “girl” A story or poem that is something like a lecture from a mother figure to a daughter figure. There is an enormous amount of ways to present the tone. The tone of “Girl” is loving, caring, but strict. Jamaica uses literary devices to achieve the tone. She uses characters, setting, plot, point of view and style to establish a tone. Tone us pretty much an overall feeling of the story. When you start to break down tone into feelings, you can see how you could manipulate it to express your feelings. Jamaica Kincaid chose to attack loving by the fact that the lecture is advice on life. Ms. Kincaid attacks caring by telling her what not to do. The author attacks strict by not letting her speak very much. She also portrays how she strict she is through her intense use of detail when speaking. First, the author does not give a chance, by making it one long sentence. This motion already sends you the tone of loving caring but strict. The one long sentence implies that she is …show more content…

She has to be this way because she does not want her daughter to become a slut. Jamaica Kincaid understands writing a story in second person would put the reader in the girl figures shoes. When you are in the readers' shoes you experience the tone. I believe the story has no set beginning, middle, or end but I do believe there is a dynamic character change that is really significant. This is significant because the character with the biggest change only speaks twice and is barely represented in the story. The character that goes through this is the daughter figure she goes from unknowing to knowing, this was achieved through repetition. Repetition plays a very key role in this story because it reapplies it and it forces you to engage with the material again. To be honest, this story exemplifies the teaching methods of America. Jamaica formulated a strong tone, and presented it in

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