Interpreting Vera's Song 'A Response To Lawrence Wargrave'

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This song represents Vera. She is one of the ten guests invited to the island by Lawrence Wargrave, a man concealing himself amongst the guests as the killer. They are all brought here to inevitably be killed, to serve justice against their previous crimes that didn’t get properly justified by the law. Wargrave kills all ten of them going in order from most innocent to most guilty. Vera means truthful, but she isn’t truthful at all. Lawrence Wargrave kills her last because he concludes that she committed the worst crime of all. She’s a very paranoid lady, and murdered for love. Vera baby-sat Cyril, a boy that came from a very wealthy family. His father had died, and Vera was dating Cyril 's uncle, Hugo. If anything were to happen to him, Hugo
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