Interpretivism Research Methodology

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Chapter 3: Research Methodology
Research Methodology
The research methodology has been found an important part of the dissertation. This has been undertaken as per the factual illustrations that all the chores included in the researches are demonstrated in this part for the achievement of the objectives that are considered. In this case, this has been further added that the research methodology are having their steps that when followed provide with the achievement of the research paper. The methodologies for the confirm illustration of all the required steps are provided with certain main and essential parts that are found illustrating the main purpose and also the processes that would be undergone in this research paper (Mackey & Gass, 2013).
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By using this philosophy, positive social phenomenon for investigation might be obtained as it shows the movements of numerous variables with flexibility, and without a rigid structural framework. Therefore, this helps in noticing different perspectives that might be seen in the research. Lastly, positivism philosophy consists of scientific designs, which provide range of descriptive testing of hypothesis to conduct a research. However, there is a need of social experiences of researchers for using this philosophy. Reality is also the major concept that is focused in this philosophy (Flyvbjerg et al., 2012).
Based on the research philosophies’ implications and the hypothesis of the research, an interpretivism philosophy will be used. The reason is that this will be comparing the observations and results of new data with previous trends independently. Furthermore, exploration of social authenticity might be achieved by using interpretivism research philosophy, as the topic is subjective. On the other hand, alternative philosophies are remarkably quantifiable and literature extensive, which makes a study general. Therefore, interpretivism philosophy is the most appropriate to conduct this research (Ormston et al.,
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Hereby, the deductive approach is a methodology in the researches that have been built by considering the theory or speculations upon a prior hypothesis and afterward details the examination way in order to deal with it and then test it. The associations made in this methodology are made for the reason of inspecting if the changes that are occurring and the results that are appearing, are well connected with the past data research and its analysis.
Other than this, an inductive approach could be used in this research. By using this approach the perceptions are regarded as the beginning stage for the analyst, and the relevant examples are searched for the information. This is done to present the inductive approach as the move from the concept of particularity to generality. This approach is done by taking into account the qualitative approach. The qualitative approach works on assaumptions thus it has a basic deficiency of lascking authenticity. Here, the most probale use of theories is made to justify the assumptions (Punch,

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