Interprofessional Collaboration Case Study

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An experience I had involving ethics in relation to an interprofessional collaboration was in my present nursing case. Prior to me starting my patient a 13-year-old girl had a severe asthma attack and went into cardiac arrest, died and was brought back to life this past February. Although the EMTs were able to bring her back, she has been in a coma ever since. What makes this case an ethical dilemma is that several months ago the doctors wanted to diagnose her as brain dead and remove her from life support. Through the use of medical terminology, lack of understanding about her daughter’s condition and unempathetic doctors they managed to convince the mother that her child had no hope of survival. The mom agreed to let the doctors complete the two-day test to prove total brain death.…show more content…
However, on the second day the next doctor removed the child from the ventilator and she started to sporadically breath on her own, proving that she was not completely brain dead. By seeing this the mother refused to give up hope that one day her child will be able to recover. Since the mother is very religious and believed this was an act of God sparing her child she decided to keep her on life support and bring her home to be cared for. This is where my journey starts with this patient and her family. Once this…show more content…
Often health care providers only see things as black and white and don’t take into consideration the patient and their families needs. Through taking the time to properly explain and discuss procedures allows a patient to make decisions that are right for them, which leads to better patient care and
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