Nursing Observation In Nursing

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For my first assigned patient, I was unable to watch the birth. However; the nursing staff at SRMC worked very hard to find another individual that wouldn’t mind having a student nurse in the labor and delivery. I was glad, I finally was able to watch a delivery and have a better understanding of the ways the operating room (OR) and OB work together to delivery a baby.
Student will discuss in detail the type of delivery the patient had, any medical interventions done, how the patient progressed throughout the labor, the roles of the support person and specific cares and procedures done for newborn directly after delivery and for the hours after delivery. During my OB follow through, I was able observe a caesarean procedure on the patient.
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However; I was able to email and call the mother to communicate back and fourth about the postpartum period. Some of the following thing we were able to communicate about was the transition from hospital to home and what has gone smoothly for the her, baby and family. They recently just purchased a new house, but transition when smoothly and they are adjusting to the new normal lifestyle quickly. Things that have gone smoothly for this family are that the big brother is accepting the little bother quite nicely. He enjoys spending time with the baby brother and father also took off a couple week which helped a lot of the process run smoothly. The biggest struggle they have faced so far, is mother removing from a C-section with a toddler at home. Due to her pervious C-section, the mother felt very knowledge about the labor and delivery process. Having a brand-new baby at home if sometimes difficult, but with the help from her mother and sister, she was able to find many different effective teaching to help her in the care of her baby. Pain control is very important in the home setting. The mother controlled her pain medication with Percocet and extra strength ibuprofen for the first two week, but by week 3 had little to no medication was needed. Breastfeeding is gong very well for this mother and the baby is being feed every 2-3 hours in the…show more content…
Interprofessional communication is when provides/students communicate with each other, with people, and their families to have open, collaborative reasonable manners for the health issuers or concerns. During this experience, I was able to observe many different opportunities that interprofessional communication took place. Some interpersonal communication that took place between the nurse and the patients to provide great care to the baby, was explaining the shots that we provided (risk and benefits), importance of provided warm to the baby, importance of keeping track of the baby’s intake and output, routine vital signs and fundus check on the mother. Interprofessional communication also happened between the nursing staff and the doctor of the delivery to ensure the patients and newborn had great care during the process of delivery the child. The doctor and nursing staff communicated about progress of the pregnancy, such as dilation. They also communicated about process of the delivery and the steps that will be taken to ensure a safe
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