Critical Reflection On Formal Communication

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Accordingly, this theme had two sub-themes: “prescribed meetings” referred to well-planned formal networks and communications and “regular conversations” referred to informal networks and communication.
Formal networks and communication
Since all professionals were concurrently stationed in the same school, they expressed awareness on the role of communication in reflection processes of providing equity education to all children. The practice of attending staff and departmental meetings to reflect on practice was mentioned often. As it was clearly mentioned they held several meetings to address general issues that happen in school such as bullying and other antisocial behaviors that are adverse and need collective solution. The study show
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They reflected and critique, but with intentions of learning and acquiring the best possible solutions of ensuring equity in service support and inclusion of all children. Brabeck, (2003) proposes that it’s from such ways that professionals learn to work together to meet the needs of children and youth, when they are drawn into partnership and effective communication among themselves. Therefore, in the context of reflection, the present study illuminates that critical reflection is part of interprofessional collaboration, it requires strong values of being interprofessional with strong commitments, time, trust and openness to address complex issues that may affect the main goal of providing equity services in an inclusive school.
Informal networks and communication
Even though the professionals stressed the importance of formal communication as process to effect the practice of inter-professional collaboration, likewise they hailed the impact of informal meetings as well. They consistently expressed about how they informally communicated to find better ways of addressing every child’s needs in the school. Take, for example this quote from the special needs teacher:
“We talk together, it happens on an informal basis, during break time, having coffee, we text to each other, and sometimes it’s in the corridors, and you meet someone and says…hey, there is this, and that…you going to do this, and I will do
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