Benefits Of Interprofessional Practice

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Interprofessional practice is a practice that healthcare workers use to rely on. Interprofessional practice explains the difference between a high and low level of service to the patient. This can lead towards a negative and positive effect on a patient as well as their loved ones such as their family. Such impacts can increase satisfaction which can make a give a good reputation towards the health care team or can to the opposite, which can give a bad reputation of the health care team. Health care workers use Interprofessional practice so they can maintain professionalism with one another as well as the patient. Interprofessional practice is being discussed because it is an important practice that establishes a connection with the…show more content…
Interprofessional practice improves health care delivery through the use of knowledge and skills of health care professionals. Interprofessional practice is an advantage for healthcare professionals because it improves communication among health care professionals. Interprofessional practice also includes collaboration. It includes collaboration of health care professionals from different backgrounds meet, interact, learn and practice with the client. Collaboration which is a part of Interprofessional practice is powerful in a way that it achieves satisfactory health outcomes. Interprofessional practice was developed in the 1960’s, and health care professionals would study Interprofessional education before they could practice. Interprofessional education would include workshops as well as simulations, presentations, teaching and interaction with patients. Interprofessional education would prepare students so they can have the necessary skills to practice as a health care team to provide satisfactory service for the client. According to Richard, Anna & Fran (2014) they state that, “The emphasis on IPE in health care is a result of growing evidence of the benefits of IPP in health care service provision.” (Richard, Anna & Fran, 2014, p41), therefore together IPP and IPE result in a great health care for…show more content…
The practice is found from interprofessional education, which is the skills learned before they go into practice. Interprofessinal practice and education relate to one another and there it is called Interprofessional practice, education (IPPE) which is the skills that were learnt into practice. It is defined as everyday practices that health care workers use so they can provide efficient care towards the patient, thus in turn the outcomes would be patient satisfaction which has a big role in health care facilities. Patient satisfaction is reached by teamwork which health care workers work with one another to achieve maximal patient care. Interprofessional practice education is used my many workers, even though it has barriers such as language barriers that conflicts with the patient and the health care provider. Interprofessional practice and education promotes strategies in dealing with these barriers such as interpretation of the content or translation services that will make health care providers and the patient understand one another. Therefore Interprofessional practice is a way in which health care providers deliver excellent care towards the patient by applying the knowledge that they have learnt in school as well as overcoming the barriers that pose a great risk towards patient
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