Interracial Communication

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Interracial communication has been in my life since I was in Elementary school. For my interview I was inspired by the film “Get Out”. Even though I saw Get Out way before the day that we watched in class together. I decided to interview my girlfriend who is White and Puerto Rican. I was inspired to interview her considering her and I are an interracial couple just like how Rose and Chris were. I did the interview over a FaceTime call. Doing it this way made the interview more of a conversation. I liked how it was a conversation because even though we talk about different racial issues going on in America and we have talked about her childhood, we have not really gone in depth with many things about interracial dating. As I said before, I had done the interview over FaceTime and I had a series of question I asked, but it was all conversational and not like a traditional interview that one might think of. This interview helped me better understand my girlfriend’s ups and downs of growing up biracial. I started off the interview with a the simple question of what city did she grow up in. Her response was that she grew up in Manton, Michigan. Manton is a rural city 30 minutes south of the more popular city called Traverse City, Michigan. She further explained how Manton is mostly white and is not very diverse. Being from a rural city I asked was there any type of racism or any predejudicity that went on in her hometown. She said that you knew which families were
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