Interracial Relationships In America Analysis

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The Loop of Interracial Relationships in America Throughout the book Land of Enchantment by Liza Wieland we see the development of three main characters and their battle with their individual demons. One of these characters that I really resonated with was Nancy Diamond. Nancy grew up in southeastern part of America and was a part of an interracial relationship. Anyone familiar with the geographic social dynamics of America knows that interracial relationships in the south, especially during Nancy’s time period, is a constant battle with society. Ridicule and non-acceptance by family members of your significant other however is what hurts the most. I, just like Nancy, was on the other end of this criticism in both interracial relationships…show more content…
The school was a charter school teaching grades 6-12. I had briefly transferred out for my first semester to play football at another school. To make a long story short I started hanging out with the wrong crowd and went from a straight “A” student to a 2.3 gpa. My parents immediately pulled me, made some phone calls and I was right back to my old stomping grounds. It wasn’t a stereotypical “love at first sight” in fact it was a kind of dull interaction. I could tell she thought I was another stereotypical athlete who had a huge ego. She was right, but I wasn’t going to tell her that. Throughout the week the ritual, awkward, mutual friend interactions occurred. Being left out of inside jokes, trying to tell stories of people they never met, the usual. How I fell for her was very similar to how Nancy fell for Rodney, I saw a side of her that the public didn’t. On the Thursday of my first week in my new school I was pulled from English class to the office. When I got there I saw my Dad, the principal, and a guidance counselor. A pit opened in my stomach that progressively worsened as I thought of the possibilities. I walked up to my dad and asked what was wrong as he proceeded to tell me “Do you remember
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