Interracial Relationships In Our Society

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We have a lot of issues in the world. I feel like one of the major issues is race. Race has been an issue for pretty much ever and I do not think it has been fully solved or fixed yet. I also do not know if it will ever be solved or fixed.
We all say that everyone is equal and that everybody should be treated the same no matter what, but only few people do that. Most people say that they treat everyone the same, but sometimes their actions do not show it.
I had a teacher my junior year and she would kick kids out of her class and yell at the same kids almost every single day, and most of the time they were not the white kids. I remember one time she kicked this boy out of class. We were all talking and she got mad at the class and
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Not all of them are the same, I know so many black people that are so nice and and just want to fit in and be like everyone else. I know and have seen some white people that are worse than some black people. Whites and blacks are the same to me, just different color.
I feel one of the major things about racism is relationships. I have seen so many interracial couples in the past five to ten years, including myself. I know that a lot of people probably judge the white person who is in a relationship with a black person, and I do not think it is right to judge that. Just because someone is in a interracial relationship does not mean a thing.
When I first started talking to this boy, I did not really know what to think because I never really have talked to or been close friends a black guy before. I started to like him and started to get a little scared because I did not want people to judge me for liking a black guy. I didn’t want to tell my parents because I was scared of what they were going to say about it. I honestly did not know what they were going to do or say, but he started growing on me and started liking him a lot more. When I ended up telling them, they did not care as long as I am happy, and he treats me
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He is honestly the sweetest boy I have ever met, he is always there for me when I need someone. He knows me, he knows when my mood changes just the littlest, he is always trying to make me happier and make sure I am okay. I still get butterflies sometimes also.
I don’t think other people should judge other peoples relationships if they are with someone of a different race. It isn’t fair to the two in the relationship because you don’t know that person. They could be the nicest person but you aren’t even going to try and give them a chance because of the race they are. That is so unfair to
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