Interracial Relationships In The 1970's

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Kindred uses the juxtaposition of two time periods to criticize the 1970s, by comparing the 1970s to slavery. After Kevin talks to his sister about his engagement with Dana, Kevin realizes that his sister 's husband has influenced Kevin’s sister when she says that she “wouldn’t have you in her house - or me if I married you”(110). Kevin talks about the racist influence his sister 's husband has on his sister and that his sister even joked that “her husband would have made a good Nazi”(110). When Kevin and Dana are eating lunch, one of their colleagues yell “Porn”(55). This shows that interracial engagements in the 1970s were thought of as involving no love and only sex. Porn is also thought of as obscene, vulgar and filthy, which is how interracial relationships we viewed in the 1970s. …show more content…

Even though white people in the 1970s do not own slaves, African Americans are still being oppressed, many of them are forced to live in poor neighborhoods with lots of crime, from which they might never

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