Intersecting Axes Of Privilege And Oppression Scale Essay

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The Intersecting Axes of Privilege, Domination, and Oppression scale attempts to explain both privileges and the disadvantages of humans and their ascribed statuses. An ascribed status is the social standing of an individual that has generally been assigned to them at birth. According to the scale, certain characteristics are positive contributions to an individual’s status, while other characteristics are negative contributors to an individual’s status. An individual can have a combination of such characteristics. These characteristics include and fall under ethnicity, class, language, etc. However, it is possible for characteristics to change and consequently will change the Intersecting Axes of Privileges, Domination, and Oppression scale.…show more content…
Most of the world now requires individuals to speak English. The language is so common that most continents’ institutions are putting English into their curriculums. However, some places have put English as their second language. These countries are falling behind as the world is advancing. Eventually, they will lose contact with the rest of the English speaking world. My first language is English and I must admit that I do not agree that having English as a first language without learning a second language creates…show more content…
I have nothing against any one or any one’s sexuality. Everyone has their own choices and opinions on what is right and wrong. I believe love is love. However, being heterosexual, I cannot imagine my life if I was to be gay. It is scary to think about what the older generation would think of me since accepting homosexuality is such a new response. The younger generation is much more accepting of it then the older. Although it is awful, job opportunities are scarcer for people with less common sexual
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