Intersectional Feminist Theory

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Gender dysphoria is the dissatisfaction with the biological sex one is born with which results in a multitude of symptoms. The dysphoria often associated with wanting to alter one’s body and gender expression to be parallel with what is felt to be one’s gender identity. Either a trans person is born with a female mind and a male parts, or the alternate. (Phillips, 2014). The mind cannot be operated on so the only choice is to help trans-sexualism is to alter the body using surgery and other hormonal replacement therapy options so it mirrors what the mind sees. The process of these actions is known gender transistion. Contingent upon the individual, their use of hormones, their choice of surgery, and their eagerness to do the work to which this…show more content…
According to the Oxford Dictionary, transphobia is an intense dislike of or prejudice against trans people. Misogyny describes the hatred and discrimination of women and traits which are womanly. It has been portrayed in media that these traits are lesser to masculine traits rather than equivalent. Transmisogyny is a combination of both which can be sometimes expressed through extreme levels of behavior such as discrimination, oppression and violence. (Hill-Meyer, 2009). Intersectional Feminist Theory is the theory that women experience oppression in various forms and ways. Cultural patterns have become interlocked by the intersectional systems that society has created to continue the multi facets of oppression. This is increased where transitioning which, in itself, is taboo for why would a man want to be a woman. A man has greater rights than a woman and is widely more respected. Both trans women and natural born women face over-sexualizaton of their bodies along with societal and bodily discrimination, and physical objectification. (Reed,…show more content…
Even so, these shows are not displayed on typical television forums and are not displayed in an approachable fashion for all viewers like Will and Grace was. These shows show the struggles of trans people, but cannot be considered a correct representation. Transparent does a decent job of depicting this by following the life of Mort “Maura” Pfefferman, a trans woman who realized at an early age that she did not feel at home in the gender society placed on her at birth. For many years, she lived as a male ascribing to societies norms until she reached an older age when she felt it was no longer worth denying. She has three older children and the show takes the audience through her journey in which she lives. (Anderson-Minshall, 2014). The Netflix Original series, Orange is the New Black tells the stories of several prisoners at a women's correctional facility. One of the most popular characters in the show, Sophia, is a transgender inmate played by transgender actress and LGBTIQ advocate, Laverne Cox. (Trans* Representation in the Media, 2014). Sophia's storyline touches on authentic-life matters encountered by incarcerated transgender women while also creating a multifaceted depiction of a character pushed by her wishes to be true to herself and preserve her family values. Cox, in real life, has been an advocate for transgender
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