Intersectionality Essay

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Autumn, I like that you brought up the research and how it failed to acknowledge other races and cultures. I felt that the research was flawed as it had left out the intersectionalities of the various cultures and races that help make up our society. I found this research to perpetuate the metanarratives and moral panic within society that emphasizes what attractive and fit means. In leaving out the other cultures and racial groups within our society there are also marginalized identities that are excluded from this conversation. As the reading, What Is Intersectionality? clarifies is that, intersectionality allows us to identify and address the often hidden workings of privilege and oppression. This is critical in attempting to validate research…show more content…
While I do agree that society has constructed what beauty means and what it does not mean, and perpetuates some of the discrimination that stems from not meeting the socially constructed definitions. I also agree that this has a little relevance to why our brain and face light up when we find ourselves encountering someone who meets our socially constructed definitions of beauty. However, I would argue that there is a much stronger innate biological response in the brain and face lighting up that stem from our finding the other person worthy of carrying our genes, or finding them suitable to maintain life’s many needs. I would also argue that culture and race, as mentioned above also play a large role in the biological factors that create and extinguish these physical responses. The reading, Women 's Studies International Forum, point out that, Today, many social scientists are open to the possibility that culture is to a degree motivated by evolutionary impulses: genetically programmed strategies of self-preservation and species-perpetuation. Both self-preservation, and species perpetuation having a connection to the biological responses within all humans appears to validate that biology not only plays a bigger role that expected within this flawed study, but also play a bigger role in society than we tend to
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