Intersectionality In Feminism Essay

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The feminism term should be broadened

Since the beginning of feminism, the mainstream feminists’ associations, have mostly focused on the problems that white middle class women face. As a consequence, numerous feminists´ have ignored and overlooked the experiences of oppression that other minority women encounter. Therefore, I am of the opinion that it is essential that the feminist concept is not solely used to enlighten the inequality between genders, withal also racism, islamophobia, homophobia and further. I would argue that feminism is useless without intersectionality and inclusion.

First of all, I will explain why I believe it is a necessity to consider intersectionality within feminism. Thus, intersectional feminism is the type of feminism that probes how women of different
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Moreover, women with a foreign background should not have more difficulties when searching for jobs nor should women with other skin color than white feel invisible the mainstream media.

One of the main arguments against intersectionality within feminism, is that intersectionality will cause feminism to be more about who to feel the sorriest for instead of improving feminism. I totally disagree with that argument on the ground that I believe intersectionality is rather about the fact that all of us experience events differently therefor it is crucial to listen to everyone’s experiences nevertheless to not place each other´s experiences into a hierarchy of who to emphasize the most.

In conclusion, feminism should become more intersectional because it is necessary that within feminism bring forward discrimination that all women living in society experience. The time has come to cease making invisible the minority women. A truth feminism is one that improve the lives of all
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