Intersectionality In The Beast Of Time

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Intersectionality Intersectionality, was first introduced by Kimberle Crenshaw. The word had to do with the laws involvement on matters of judgement on sex, gender, and race. She mentions in her video “Kimberlé Crenshaw - On Intersectionality - keynote - WOW 2016”, how African American women along with other women of color, both have been victims of many forms of discrimination and the law does nothing about it. Below, you will read about how intersectionality is spread all throughout the book “The Beast of Times”. The book, “The Beast of Times” by Adelina Anthony talks about intersectionality in many ways. The book is about a play with animals, the two main characters is a dog and a cat. It contains thirteen scenes in total. Throughout the book, Anthony talks about love, anger, different types of clashes, and many other interesting things that will be mentioned further in this essay. In the first scene, the two main characters are introduced. Lady Frijol which is the dog, is more…show more content…
Anthony introduces a bull who is an immigrant from South Asia and when he first arrives in America he was surprised on how much more different the bulls are from South Asia. This scene talked about sexuality in the way that the South Asia bull was attracted to the American bull and how he described him as being big, buff, and with blue eyes. Culture, was mentioned and how bulls in different location can look and act a different way or be treated differently by their owners. In this case the American bull was not naturally bigger, but the fact that he was being drugged made his appearance different from other natural bulls. The third scene talks about male dominance. Scene four is an interesting one, in the intersectional point of view, they talk about how they are treated by race. I taught it was interesting and eye opening when Anthony talks about these chickens and the way they are oppressed daily. The beginning scene
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