Intersectionality Research Paper

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Intersectionality is the recognition that a woman’s oppressions, limitations and opportunities result from the combined impact of two or more influential statuses-in particular , her gender, race, class, age, and sexual preferences (PP. pg. 9 of 15). As Hooks began her book she notes that she was not sure what “class” her and her family fell up under because she never knew what level of money they had. She did know that she lived in a patriarchal family were her father was the breadwinner and because he was the man with the money he dictated where the money went and how it was spent. Still without discussing class her parent’s drilled into her and her siblings that hard work pays off. On the other hand, her mother wanted her to value her education.…show more content…
“Daddy believed a woman with too much education would never find a husband” (pg.20). That sort of institutional sexism is what limit women. The sexist manner in which the father she grew up with figured that depending on your male spouse is how society should be. It wasn’t until all of the kids in the household Hooks grew up in, where her mother was allowed to work outside. Women were either seen to help with government assistance or to have an education and to be alone. Without ever mentioning class distinctions her mother shaped her to become the best by idolizing women in magazines to people in church. As the author reached a certain age she started to key in on the family problems associated with money that became their biggest concern. “No matter how much money anybody black could make, they were still confined to the black spaces” (pg. 22) Black people disassociated class and focused their attention to race and money because they saw that is what ruled the world. I think that you must acknowledge the class distinction in society because class goes unrecognized there is this class hierarchy ladder of levels you must climb to get to your destination. Yes, race plays an important role, but you must recognized the other intersectionality that
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