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“One of the best-kept secrets is that much of the strongest business thinking lines up with a biblical worldview. We see this in two of the most significant trends in business thinking: an emphasis on purpose and on service ” (Perman). In the following pages we will look at and evaluate how Interstate Battery Systems of America, also known as Interstate Batteries, is using its influence in the business world to participate in God’s redemptive plan. Interstate Batteries Participating in God’s Redemptive Plan What is it that drives businesses to success? Whose philosophies and values are implemented in the mission of the business? Who determines the effect the business will have on society? Often the answers to these questions are given by…show more content…
Interstate Battery Systems of America is comprised of Interstate Batteries and Our Distributor Network, Interstate All Battery Center, PowerCare and Service Solutions, Inc., and Interstate Batteries Recycling, Inc. For the purpose of this paper the “Legacy” business will be referenced. However, the mission, values, purpose and culture of the “Legacy” business are also apart of the enterprise as a whole. John Searcy returned home from war in the early 1950s. Shortly after returning he found interest in the battery business. At the time he was working for an aviation underwriter but he was not satisfied with this being his life. He began selling batteries to local service stations creating a system unlike any other supplier. Searcy became a pioneer offering batteries on consignment, battery recycling inventory management and of course wholesaling batteries, which was much more than what any other supplier had been doing at the time. Interstate Battery Systems, now known as Interstate Batteries, was formed in 1952 in the Dallas/Ft Worth area (The Current publication). He named the company after one of President Eisenhower’s greatest accomplishments, the new interstate road system (Web US). Searcy wanted his business to “offer the best-quality product, provide impeccable service and treat the customer with respect” these were the principles of the business (Web corporate). Searcy along which his business partner, Bill Keys sought to give respect and dedicate themselves to the success of the distributors’ they served (Evangel Exe 123). Interstate Batteries established their own niche focusing on the success of the companies they serviced, something that was rarely stated or even demonstrated at the

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