Intertextuality In Master Harold And The Boys

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INTRODUCTION Master Harold….and the boys is a playwright written by Athol Fugard in 1950s during apartheid regime in South Africa. It set in a coffee shop in Port Elizabeth. This play is based on Furgard `s experience as a teenager in Port Elizabeth, concerns a boy whose problematic relationship with his father leads him to ill- treat his two family servants. In the beginning of this play Hally seems to be recalcitrant, egoistical young person, however Furgard makes him thoughtful thorough his troublesome association with his father and he want to discover importance and glory in a broken world. The below essay will argue about the use of the intertextuality in the play. The use of the intertextuality is very important in the play because it evokes special felling and emotions of the characters. According to Beck E (2000: 109) Athol Furgard uses intertextuality in the play to reference the literary canon as well as to text from popular culture to clarify the characters and issues in the play. Some might agree with him because intertextuality is very…show more content…
The use of intertextuality in Master Harold and the boys references what will take place in the play. Sarah Vaughan ` s song played the important role in the play because in the ending scene, Willie and Sam move together simply as they did when the play opened, yet the tone is entirely unexpected. Though they were cheerful and sort of wired moving toward the start, here the melody's moderate and tragic, and their move is more
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