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Internships are the great way to learn more about the particular company or industry you wish to work or it seriously helps in identifying the career the person wants to pursue. Just like any shopping, it s all about getting the right fit and these internships can be really valuable way to find the fit.
I did my internship as an Accounts Executive in the McKlein Company, Chicago. And my internship experience was really rewarding for me. I had the best of my time there learning and experiencing new things. With this internship I surely learnt a lot of stuff including understanding what it really means to work full time or 40 hours a week and understanding the real corporate world. I certainly understood that for doing a job 9 am to 5 pm on a daily basis, a person should have a real passion to do that job. If the person doesn’t like his or her job, will surely going to find the job tiring and frustrating. Now with this internship, I seriously understood the importance of the
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Account summary- doing an internship can help the student in learning so many things can be easily proved when I did my internship. I learnt a lot of things on SAP under which I even how to check the particular account summary of the particular account. With this option the company can easily find the particular customer- their purchases, their payments and all the balance dues for that account. The company does not have to see all the QuickBooks and all the journal entries to find the account summary of the customer. They can just find it by clicking on the account summary option in the SAP Business One. With this I get to know how technology has helped the accountants in making their jobs easy. Another thing is how in SAP all the debit and credit accounts are given a certain numbers and all the information related to those accounts are easily stored under those numbers. So by just clicking those numbers the accountant can see all the transactions of that

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