Intervention Reflection

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Describe how your understanding and application of the term “intervention” has changed after considering Lopez’s remarks in Chapter 10. When considering intervention, I to go straight to the common use of the word in repairing the lives of addictions. However, as I continue to enjoy D. Lopez and all he has given us throughout these last six weeks, I see so many ways in which intervention can be applied to us all. Intervention strictly meaning to group together to improve others. I think intervention also has had a negative impression, when it should be considered a pleasant and positive direction to take. Make a list of interventions currently taking place both inside and outside of today’s classroom. Student goals would be one intervention. When the student is working towards one skill and the teacher steps in helping them to complete that skill and move forward. Our text suggests that literacy support is an example …show more content…

What advice would you give a school in creating an exceptional intervention model that could fill those gaps? Within my local school system, I see a large amount of neglect. I see a system that allows students to be pushed through a grade without fully understanding the academics they were to be taught. I feel more intervention and less overlooking, would play well in having a successful graduate rate. It is not the number of students who graduate from the high school levels that matters in the student’s futures. It should be the number of graduates who took something away from the experience and continue to greater things and greater knowledge. Our schools are so focused on safety that there is a limited amount of volunteer support. I think that a school system should allow larger groups to assist in learning programs. Our schools are overcrowded, in the public-school systems, and less and less students are receiving a one on one learning

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