Nursing Intervention Research Proposal

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Methods of Research The study will use an intervention research method with a pre-test and post-test design. Intervention research seeks to investigate or to test the effectiveness of a proposed intervention to an identified problem that needs to be addressed such as the use of “statement vest” to medication error incidences for this present study. Intervention research is a systematic study of purposive change strategies. It puts emphasis on designing and developing interventions specifying social and health problems to inform practice activities. (Fraser et al., 2010). To relate with this, intervention research method is appropriate for the study since the problem being dealt with concerns the usual factors interrupting and distracting nurses during medication administration thus directly affecting medication error incidences. Testing the wearing of sash or “statement vest” as an intervention initially proposed by a foreign study (Nelms et al., 2011) locally would determine the…show more content…
Pre-test will be initially done then there would be a briefing session after the pre-test before the intervention among the nurses in the experimental group about the mechanics of wearing the statement vest during medication administration. During the intervention phase, the respondents in the experimental would be answering the self-made behavior checklist every time they finish medication administration for 4 weeks. After then, both the experimental and control group would be taking the post-test for evaluation of the effect of statement vest in medication error incidences. From the completed collected data, the researcher will be compiling all result from the experimental group and the control group for the statistical treatment and finally the analysis and interpretation of the

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