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Interventtion Strategy Tool One: Activity Schedule (Visual Cues)

What: The first tool designed for Oliver is an activity schedule or cue cards which he would use to keep track of all the steps in an expected task. This schedule will be used for as many activities as needed. Having a structure visual of what he needs to do, which he could also manipulate on his own, could make the activity less intimidating, and more manageable. With this tool we will be trying to avoid off-task behavior, initially during “Arrival/Dismissal”.
Why/Rationale: Having a visual and step by step instructions will help break down the task making it more manageable, he will be focused on one aspect at a time, as opposed to one “big” task. During transition, specially
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He attends kindergarten in a gifted and talented public school. In the classroom Oliver displays difficulty staying on task during large group activities, fine motor skills, and social skills however demonstrate great cognitive skills and communication skills, with adults. When interested in an activity or subject Oliver will talk about it non stuff, explaining facts in meticulous details. However when not interested he will walk away from situations quickly and participate in more desirable things, in this case usually…show more content…
If at any moment the teacher completes a task for Oliver, he might continue to believe he does not have to do it. Initially he will need time to use the tool, and he will need to be taught how to use it. It should be clearly stated to him and the rest of the children that this is not a toy, is tool Oliver will use to keep himself on track. Every child in the classroom should be included in the initial introduction of the strategy so it is not a mysterious object everyone desires. Also to decrease the probability of teasing. Just like a child needs glasses to see, Oliver needs the schedule to complete what is required of

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