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Career interview What I want to do when I graduate from college and walk across the stage and receive my degree, is to be in Sports Management or anything where I am involved with sports, because I grew up all my life around it, and it is just something I know and love. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to interview someone that is doing something that I am interested in and also to see where he began and how he got to his position within the company that he works for. The person I interviewed was Joe Clark, who is the Vice President of Ticket Sales, Service and Youth Programs for the San Antonio Spurs, and has been with the organization for 30 years. It was a great experience and interesting interview because I was able to ask him questions about his work style and how his education prepared him for the job he has today. This process helped me because now I have a clear view of what kind of job I want to pursue and I enjoyed picking his brain on how he sustained a job for as long as he has with a successful franchise like the San Antonio Spurs. The whole interview process was an eye opener for me, because I am a junior in college and by the time I know it I am out of school looking for a job in my desired career field, and his job is in my desired field. I love basketball and sports in general and I know that I am not going to play professionally, even though I would love to play in the NBA after my collegiate basketball, but I know that’s not in

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