Employee Selection Interview

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Introduction:- The Interview is a most important function in selection candidates and all companies mostly depend on interview rather than normal test so, uncommon to select candidates with it in most organizations. In addition, the reason why authors split interviewing candidates from employee testing and selection because interview has owned procedures on selection candidates. interview is process of communication between at least two people or more which are interviewer(oral inquires) and interviewee(oral responds). There are three kinds of interview which are selection interview, appraisal interview and exit interview. In this project will focus mainly on selection interview and with their types. There are three types of selection interview which are structure interview, content interview and administrating interview. Paragraph One The structure of interview defines as a format of interview and…show more content…
So, each of candidates will have a similar question. Furthermore, the other benefit from structured or directive interview gives consistency on the result when candidates do a test because it has stander questions and reduces or not include potential of bias in interview. Paragraph Two Interview content clarify as what types of question it contains. There are three categories of interview content such as situational interview, behavior interview, job-related interview and stress interview. Situational interview is series of question in job-relate that concentrate on how interviewees will behave or react in given situation. Also, in situational interview interviewer ask candidate in how they react or behave to hypothetical situation for today or tomorrow. Moreover, candidate will examine in how they behave or act in a given situations. The example of question is “ what are you going to do if one of your employee is late at
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