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Interview with Alka (Mom) Alka found it easy selecting the most rewarding parts of being a parent. “One of the most worthwhile parts of being a parent is definitely watching my children grow and learn. There is no greater joy than watching my son and daughter grow into better human beings.” She stated. Alka said that she feels pleasure when she assists her children in learning a new skill and watching them finally grasp it. These skills range from simple tasks, like her children learning how to ride a bike, and tying their shoes to complicated tasks like solving an algebra equation. “The pride you feel as your children grow older and succeed at new challenges is quite rewarding”. Alka said. She also mentioned that knowing you played a large part in helping to shape a human being is quite satisfying. According to Alka, the most difficult part of being a parent is staying organized. When I asked her what she meant by “organized”, Alka said that it’s extremely difficult to balance school, home, and work. She stated that when her children were younger, her life was really challenging. Alka said “I remember that I would come home from work at about 6 pm, and instead of relaxing, I would help my children with their homework, and cook supper for them.” She mentioned that her husband wasn’t a good…show more content…
“Today it’s often difficult for parents and kids to get together for a family meal, let alone spend quality time together. I think that it’s really important for parents to devote more time towards their family.” she said. Alka believes that kids who aren’t getting the attention they want from their parents often misbehave because they’re sure to be noticed that way. “Get up ten minutes earlier in the morning so you can eat breakfast with your children, or devote some time to chat with them about school. It really doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you’re giving your kids
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