Interview With George Plimton E B White Analysis

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In E.B White’s interview with George Plimpton, E.B White ends with statement with “Writers do not merely reflect and interpret life, they inform and shape life.” E.B White makes a valid statement; writers relay information to the public in all areas of life, from the news articles, magazines, history textbooks, and even leisurely books that we read. When reading an article in the news, the writer not only explains the event that took place but also provides information that is not always related. The extra information about the individuals involved is a way for the writer to help shape the reader’s idea of who someone is based on other factors. When there is a death reported in the news we do not just read about how the individual passed away; added in the article is things such as where the person worked, if the person was married, or had any children, or if this individual had a big involvement within the community. Most magazines provide the read with celebrity gossip; some magazines do focus on others topics such as health and fitness, but for the most part magazines provide information on celebrities’. Magazines are not going to include the entire story, the magazine company and writer is going to publish something that…show more content…
Throughout school history is one of the major subjects we learn about whether it be U.S history or World history; however, we always learn history from an American perspective. When we learn about Columbus discovering the Americas, we read how Columbus and his men discovered this new land that had not been settled on yet and that the men helped the Native Americans. As readers of the textbook we believe this to be true, when another country might have the same information interpreted in a different way. This can be true for all events throughout history; the writers are informing us of the events and influencing our views about how an event
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