Intestinal Gas Lab Report

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Stomach bloating, intestinal gas and burps tend to be uncomfortable and make you feel embarrassed. Here are the reasons for their appearance and ways of their prevention. The previously mentioned "inconvenience" is a natural occurrence and are usually caused by swallowing air and digestion. You rarely feel the gas, but sometimes they tend to occur throughout the day. In the case of intestinal gasses and their associated pain affecting daily activities, it can be an indication of something more serious. Bloating of the abdomen: Piling gas in the stomach and intestinal tract When the gas is not ejected through the mouth or anus, it can accumulate in the stomach and intestinal tract, which leads to pain and bloating of the stomach. The pain…show more content…
Sometimes, intestinal gas can indicate a disorder in the digestive system such as irritable bowel syndrome or lactose intolerance. Prevention of intestinal gas can help the following recommendations: - Avoid foods that you create the most problems - Consume food that is not very greasy - Temporarily reduce your intake of foods that are high in fiber. The fibers help digestion, but also very good "producers" of emissions. After the break, again slowly add the fiber in the diet. - Eat slowly. Try a meal to be in a relaxed atmosphere. Eating under stress or rapid eating can affect digestion. - Scroll. A short walk after a meal can help. When to visit a doctor Stomach bloating, intestinal gas and burps usually resolved by themselves. In case the symptoms do not improve despite changes in eating habits or if you notice any of these symptoms, call a doctor immediately: - Diarrhea - Constipation - Frequent, prolonged and recurrent abdominal pain - Nausea and

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