Intimation In Pete Edward Albee's The Zoo Story

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Albee introduces the audience to the theme of intimacy through Jerry's thoughts and beliefs. Jerry believes that if two people met they must have a sense of understanding each other and compassion, instead of being friends and having a very long relationship to be intimate. He believes that the only way to achieve intimacy is through "getting to know somebody, know all about him" (46). His ideas, thoughts, and beliefs are completely wrong because people are not going to feel easy with someone who tries to know about every minute detail in their lives. They might think that he is a crazy abnormal man.

The theme of Anger is the real theme of the play. It appears in the character of Jerry, who is very angry about being isolated, alienated, and poor. This appears in the conversation between Jerry and Peter. He tells him in a very angry manner that " I don't have one wife, two daughters, two cats, and two parakeets" (47). He does not accept the idea that
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He uses repetition throughout the play to show how Jerry needs to communicate with others. At the very beginning of the play Jerry says " I've been to the zoo"(34) and when Peter does not notice him, he begins to repeat the sentence again saying " I said, I've been to the zoo. MISTER, I'VE BEEN TO THE ZOO!"(34). This repetition is a very important technique in The Zoo Story. The repetition in the above sentence is the basic technique that Albee uses to attract the attention of the audience and the reader to know what is the story of the zoo and what happened with Jerry at the zoo. Jerry also repeats the sentence of " I don't have one wife, two daughters, two cats, and two parakeets"(47) to show his anger that he has nothing, he is poor, his "good old mom and good old pop are dead"(48) while he was still young and as a result he became an orphan, and he is living a miserable life. He even can not establish a relationship with a

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