Intimidation In 'I Am Not Your Victim'

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Using the Power and Control Wheel to analyze and describe Beth and Sam 's relationship we can encounter that intimidation was a constant emotional threat described over the chapters. According to the power and control wheel, intimidation is defined as the induction of fear by actions like the display of weapons or intentionally destroying objects of personal property. In addition, intimidation can also be described by the use of looks, gestures or even through the use of displaying abusive behavior and cruelty actions towards pets. Over the chapters of the book "I am Not Your Victim" we depict several acts of intimidation that Sam used over Beth. In chapter 8, page 90, Sam used Beth job schedule as an excuse to argue about how she didn 't…show more content…
In this, chapter we can conclude the constant use of intimidation that Sam used over Beth was after knowing that Beth was not longer afraid of him and his constant acts violence. After Beth realized that Sam was not near to change his violent attitude, she finally started the separation by moving out of the house and starting the divorce going. Thereafter, Sam received the court action informing him Beth 's plans he began to increase the emotional abuse against Beth by using denigrating comments against her such as calling her "bitch". The constant use of intimidation by inducing Beth to fear him, where mainly by yelling that he was going to kill her before she takes full custody of the children 's or his money (chapter 9, pg 107). After Sam found out that this time Sam was very serious about the divorce plans he became to use more hurtful forms of domestic violence in a emotional way, discouraging Beth to end the her plans. On Chapter 9, page 120, Sam humiliated Beth in front of her friend Debra, by yelling at her that she can 't take anything of her stuff without an order. However, after all Sam let Beth in the house just for her to found out that he got rid of all her clothes. All the descriptions above clearly show how Beth was a victim of all the concepts over the power and control wheel. However, the actual use of intimidation that Sam constructed over Beth environment and actions was the triggering point that kept Beth at the side of his

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