Intj Level 3 Individual Assignment

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After realize the Jungian test, my confirmed profile is INTJ which gave me a proportion of Introvert (19%), iNtuitive (27%), Thinking (31%), Judging (72%), which I understand that make a similar description that tests that I have taken before, but now with a business orientation that place me in work, business or area that require intellectual thinking in order to produce, solve or give solutions to determined issues. In order to feel comfortable developing this job the people with this profile prefer work in controlled environment like places in which he can avoid noise, people’s distraction, change of temperature, etc. to reach his comfort zone in which he is able to be productive.
Indeed, “individuals that exhibit the INTJ personality type are knowledgeable, inventive, and theoretical, whether they’re working on long-term personal goals or creative projects in their professions. They are “big-picture” thinkers, creating constructive ambitions and planning for them accordingly.” Career Assessment Site. Through this assessment is easy to take advantage of the factors that represent weaknesses to become in strengths and improve positive characteristic as a leader and help to build team from a group.
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Moreover this training requires teamwork and communication in order to proof leadership and critical thinking to the different situations that must be confronted during the course. The first two weeks I was really afraid to do not fulfill the training’s requirements putting too much pressure over me, making slower my progress and
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