Into The Wild: A Personal Reflection

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Through the course of this winter semester, Composition 106 has taught me many things in different aspects which include, learning about myself, knowing how far I came as a person, developing better writing and expressing strategies, and lastly reading skills. Into the wild has inspired me in many ways. Chris 's story remains an example to many people including me as it intends to motivate young readers to shed society 's materialism and do what makes them happy by providing justification for Chris 's actions. Reading about some writing skills has helped me with many of the skills I resemble now, in terms of voice, tone, punctuate, and etc... Writing essays and especially about our personal life has not only taught me to develop
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Recently, I have found something I am strikingly contented of that we often take for granted: my grandparent. Most of us have affectionate memories from childhood with our grandparents. Some of us spent most of the days with our grandparents while others only on holidays. One who was mostly raised by their grandparents finds it strange when another person tells them they don’t know their grandparents quite well. Grandparents seem like they have all the love, warmth, and affection in this world within them. When I see this picture, all of these thoughts and memories come to…show more content…
Once I came back here I was also used to their routine. My grandma wakes up at 5 o’clock in the morning. She prays and begins the day by cleaning the whole house. After she finishes some of the neighbor friends come over and have Arabica coffee and cookies. My grandma makes the best Arabica coffee. After the neighbor’s leave, she starts preparing breakfast for her lovely husband. My grandpa wakes up at 8 o’clock in the morning. The breakfast is ready by then and the house is empty since the neighbor’s have left. He then smokes a cigarette while watching the news. My grandpa is the kind of person that loves to talk about his past. He used to serve in the army. So once I used to come down to sit with him he starts his endless stories until I have to interrupt to leave. He talks about his past with friends and my dad as a child. I used to enjoy those stories, some of them are learned lessons, funny childhood mistakes my dad did as a child, and some memories of his childhood.

Whenever I look at this photo I commemorate the warm hugs, smell, and the past memories of my grandparents. I didn’t realize how important my grandparents were until this past trip. This photograph constantly reminds me of what I used to take for granted. I had many moments with them, and I realized its important to cherish every moment spent as we don’t know when it’s the last time we might see them
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