Into The Wild Chapter 1 Summary

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The unidentified narrator describes in the first person point of view, how he is traveling to Rutterburg Vermont from Monument Massachusetts. It was a cool October day. The narrator was getting to Vermont by riding an old bike. When he passed a hospital it made him think of his dad who he was going to see. The narrator had reflected on what he had done before he left from the long ride of Vermont such as wrapping a gift for his dad in foil, grabbing his father’s warm wool hat and took his savings of money. Before leaving his home the narrator dumped his pills down the disposal After he had been biking awhile, the road he was on began to go downhill which led him to the next town, Aswell. Chapter Two The chapter began with some kind of…show more content…
He is talking with an old man with a road map Then the narrator says that he is at a service station and that he and the old man talk about how fast he can bike. The old man tells the narrator to be extremely careful because there are bad people in the world The old man then makes a comment on the narrators hat and jacket and how it reminds him of his deseased son who fought in World War II. The narrator then starts to get uncomfortable because the old man was very talkative and he had just met him. So the narrator biked away. Chapter Four It is now back to the transcript where Brint asks “A” questions Brint asked “A” if he wanted to discuss Paul Demonte. “A” did not want to discuss about him or Amy Hertz. The narrator is “A” Brint ends the session with “A” Chapter Five The narrator also known as “A” tals about how his father use to sing a song The narrator told how he would sit in his mother’s lap and feel protected “A” then started to talk about how beautiful the trees were and how gorgeous they were when they were changing colors The narrator tried to sing like his father but couldn’t
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