Foreshadowing In Into The Wild

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In every person, there is a desire to see what the world has to offer; that is what Chris McCandless had. After attending college and receiving a bachelor’s degree, Chris abandoned his family and possessions in order to search and see what "God has placed around us to discover" (57). Jon Krakauer explains his story in the nonfiction book "Into the Wild" by following his journal and interviewing people whom he met along the way. McCandless tried to keep from forming relationships with many people and his family, besides his sister; therefore, he clearly exhibits introvert tendencies. Before McCandless passes away in an old 'Magic Bus', he realizes how happiness works. Happiness is felt so that it can be shared with others; however Chris pushed…show more content…
Throughout the book, McCandless acted as if he knew he was not going to survive his travel plans to Alaska by separating himself from friendships and relationships. Before he started to make his way up north, McCandless sent two cards with a similar message that "it was great knowing you" and "this is the last you shall hear from me" (69). These messages make the readers question if McCandless knew he was going to go die or planned on dying in Alaska. Saying goodbye to somebody is never easy; however, a statement to encompass forever is difficult to use. People may wonder how long he planned on staying into the wild. Before he left for his trip, he left his personal belongings with "Westerberg for safekeeping and gave him the leather belt" (68). This proves he had an idea he was not going to come out of the wild alive by giving his stuff to his most valuable friends for them to take care of and cherish. This act is almost like an inheritance because it was his only items he had kept before his trip. McCandless also said goodbye to Borah while "he was crying" (68). McCandless didn't show many emotions to others lacking the care of relationships; however, these people made an impact on him, and he had an idea on what he was getting himself into, but he had hope at the end he would make it out alive. He may have been an introvert, but he still had emotions, although they rarely
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