Into The Wild Chris Mccandless

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I disagree with the author that Chris McCandless was a crazy person, a sociopath, and an outcast, but even though he was very bright, he made some decisions. Before entering the wild Chris had just recently graduated from college with his degree. He was an intelligent student without any street smarts. Upon his departure, he left behind his sister whom he loved very much and his parents who he was upset with. That was a feeling he had especially about his father. His anger toward his parents and his eagerness to go on an exciting adventure around the country were the factors why he ultimately made the decision, thus going, “Into the Wild.” Chris McCandless, with a college education, whom many considered a brilliant and intelligent individual, had not obtained street smarts. The result led him to his death…show more content…
Though, he was described by many people as an intelligent individual, he had no street smarts, this led to his death from poisonous potato seeds. He made the mistake of leaving his loved ones behind especially his sister. McCandless was driven and had his mind set on this terrifying and dangerous adventure all leading up to his journey in Alaska which is why he continued his life on his own. Chris should have kept his college savings in order to survive this adventure to the wild. With the money he had saved, possibly could have kept him alive to this current day. His final act on Earth was taking a last picture ever. “ One of his lasts acts was himself, standing near the bus under the high Alaska sky, one holding his final note toward the camera lens, other raised in a brave beautiful farewell.” (p.119) His family, the friends he met along the way will never see him or any person with the same conscious again. This was the end for Christopher McCandless, a man who enjoyed the thrill of a dangerous path, did indeed end his life in the
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