Into The Wild Chris Mccandless

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Into the Wild, a book by Jon Krakauer and a film by Sean Penn, is the story of a young man named Christopher McCandless, or as other people knew him as “Alex Supertramp.” McCandless came from a wealthy family and graduated from Emory University as a top athlete. Instead of pursuing a career, he gave his money to charity, then he set out on a journey to Alaska, to find happiness. Eventually he perished on August 18, 1992 (aged 24). McCandless died in the Alaskan wilderness, due to starvation. He lived in the wilderness for about three months, his body was discovered by a hunter looking for shelter, on September 6, 1992.
“I think that Chris McCandless was bright and ignorant at the same time. He had no common sense, and he had no business going
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I agree with Callarman, because McCandless was bright, he found his way around difficulties, he constructed a plan and pursued it, with many flaws, but he made it. He was ignorant, because he didn’t see that he did not have to go into Alaska and leave everyone behind for happiness. He had what he needed to be happy with him his whole life, he figured it out once it was too late. His family was there by his side, if he would’ve noticed earlier, he wouldn’t have left and he would have found his happiness at home. McCandless had a chance to embark on a prestigious and profitable career, he would’ve been successful and in time he would be happy again in his family’s…show more content…
McCandless was not street smart or smart enough to survive in the wild. He had very little knowledge on how to do so, he had a book with him to see what type of plants he was able to eat, and the ones he was not able to eat. McCandless should have at least got more knowledge about the wild and tried to practice some basic skills, before he went out into the wild. Having basic skills on how to survive in the wild would make me think differently about McCandless. There were various things McCandless could have done that would’ve changed his fate significantly.
McCandless was bright and ignorant at the same time, I believe he had no business going into Alaska. Even though I don’t think McCandless was so smart, I admire his courage, a lot of people feel like they are missing something, and they do nothing about it and eventually fall into depression. McCandless, on the other hand, went out to look for what he thought he was missing, his plans didn’t go so well, but he at least tried to do something about it. McCandless’ legacy lives today, some people look up to him, many
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