Into The Wild Chris Mccandless Personality Analysis

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Going into the wild and abandoning all that you know and love is such a hard task to do. Chris McCandless is a brave soul for going on that journey to find himself and discover who he truly is. Living in complete solitude with nature was his solution to his personal issues at home and inside his head. He longed for complete happiness and believed he could discover it on his journey to Alaska. Anthony Storr, a noted psychiatrist explains, "creative attitude and the ability to have peak experiences depends upon being free of other people...", and I agree with this idea. McCandless went through with his journey to help himself and understand life and all that has to do with it. Chris had hoped to lose his fears and unwanted memories from the past, most importantly his childhood. He believed the serenity and calmness of nature was going to help him achieve that. Anthony Storr explains that solitary people are on their way to creating their genius minds. I do agree that this was Chris…show more content…
"Other individuals find it difficult to be authentically themselves even in the presence of their spouses, lovers, or closest friends and relatives. Such individuals, whilst not going so far as to construct a false self which entirely replaces the true self at a conscious level, have an especial need to be alone which goes beyond the occasional demand for solitude,” (Storr, 2005) Many of the world’s most important people and achievers were ones that appreciated being alone and free of other people. Chris McCandless’ story of leaving his wealthy lifestyle and being generous enough to donate his money to charity says it all. He is inspiring for leaving all his possessions behind to show that we do not need material things in our life. With Chris being such a young man with a set future, choosing to trek into the wilderness romanticizes those who seek the true beauty within
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