Into The Wild Chris Mccandless Relationship

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Chris McCandless met many significant people throughout his many adventures and endeavors. It is shown that Chris met many people throughout his many years of living as a tramp, which of whom were predominantly male, who had some kind of connection towards him. What about the females he met through his wandering events of living as what he called himself a “supertramp”. Did they have the same connection towards McCandless just like the males. Did Chris see them the same way they looked at him ? Krakauer 's Into The Wild presents significant impact on the character of Chris McCandless through the few female voices of the novel, their individual relationships with Chris, and how the relationships are viewed on both ends. Through Billie’s eyes,…show more content…
Even though it can be seen that Chris does show some sort of affection toward Burres, he be annoyed of Jan’s constant concern about his family and if they knew anything about him. “I’d ask him, ‘Have you let you your people know what you’re up to? Does your mom know you’re going to Alaska? Does your dad know? But he’d never answer. He’d just roll his eyes at me, get peeved, tell me to quit trying to mother him.” (Krakauer 45). Exhibits Burres trying to figure out if anyone from McCandless’s family knew anything about him, knowing as a mother his family might be worried about him. Burres’ attempts only lead to annoy McCandless and hated the fact that Jan was trying to act as his mother. “I’d keep at it until he’d change the subject, though because of what happened between me and my own son. He’s out there somewhere, and I’d want someone to take care of him like I tried with Alex.” (Krakauer 46). McCandless made the relationship complex, because he would always try to keep his personal life a secret even though he trusted her. Burres knowing the irritation, that would come upon persisting McCandless about knowing any single detail about his personal life to inform his parents about his whereabouts, because Burres had a child out in the world just like Chris she knew nothing about, seeking the opportunity to…show more content…
Knowing the McCandless only told her certain things that he kept secret from the other signifies that he was really close to Gail and that there could not be any secrets between them that he would keep from her, except for, his real identity. “One night a bunch of us went out to a bar over in Madison, and it was hard to get him out on the dance floor. But once he was out there, he wouldn’t sit down. After Alex died and all, Carine told me that as far as she knew, I was one of the only girls he ever went dancing with.” (Krakauer 65). Demonstrates how Gail had a major affect on Chris, because McCandless broke out of his shell more with her that she even convinced him to go dancing, which he rarely even did with anyone except for his sister Carine. McCandless came around many different people throughout his journeys, who were mainly males that had some type of connection and relationship with him. Just like the males, the females meant throughout his adventures can be shown of having some type of connection with him. They also shared as to what they thought about him and how he thought about them in there one point of view. Which made the female voices stand out just as much as the males that had their perspective on Chris described and how Chris saw all of them through his own
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