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In the movie Into The Wild I have many similarities and differences in my life compared to McCandless. I personally know what 's it 's like to survive the night after night not knowing what lies silent in the darkness. My experience in the wild is similar to his if not exact. McCandless survived well for someone with little to no survival skills. I would have done things differently than him and I probably would have survived if I was in his shoes. The people he met along the way were people that I can personally relate to in my life. The things he did to survive were things I have done as well and have my own opinion on that work and don 't work. McCandless survived well for someone with no survival skills(Book Reviews, 1997). He never spent anytime in the wild before his trip. He was ill prepared for living on his own he mostly got lucky throughout his adventure, but in the end his luck ran out. McCandless was smart, but he didn 't have any true…show more content…
I have spent most of my summer with my father in the wilderness with only the bare essentials such as tents, little food, our .22 rifle, and our own survival knives. While Mccandless had his own survival items such as a (Book Reviews, 1997) hiking bag, rifle, a bus, and a machete. My father and I would take a drive to Oregon and walk for a day into the woods survive for a week and then come back home. My father said it was a life experience that I needed to do and I feel that 's what it was for McCandless a life experience that he needed to go through. While it does change your opinion on the world because when you 're out in the woods you 're not worrying about your everyday life the only thing that matters is the next day. My greatest experience was crossing a very fast flowing river with my dad when I took my first step it felt as if people were pulling me down the river and every step I took another person grabbed on. While I see why McCandless didn 't cross the river, he could have but he chose it wasn 't worth

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