Into The Wild Dialectical Journal Essay

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The very first page of this book we are presented with a letter from Alex, who is obviously leaving home. The letter I believed was a really cool way to give us the background of the story we needed to know on a personal level. This was our first look at Alex. He seems excited to be out in the Alaskan bush. Not too many people would be excited about that. Right away I’m interested in this character and his motives. Page 4-5 we learn about one of Alex’s rides Jim Gallien. He was a hunter and fisher he knew a little about the Alaskan bush. He was concerned for Alex who we find out wants to stay for months. I thought it was funny when he talked about people listening to glamorous magazines that talk up life away from society. I can only imagine how many don’t do their research. But Jim doesn’t see…show more content…
He talks about Rossellini, Waterman, Mccunn, and Ruess. My favorite story was McCunn’s. I didn’t see much in common between the two of them but it shows the true danger of the arctic conditions, and what happens when you don’t respect it. Just like McCandles. McCunn was careless he didn’t remember to get a way out of the arctic for winter time, he died painfully. It was a life lesson to pay attention to the signs around you. To be safe rather than sorry, McCunn to me was stupid, he threw away shotgun shells just because he thought he could, he didn’t pay attention to his surrounding, he didn’t even know how to signal help. He never helped himself so no one could help him, this was similar to McCandles. Alex had limited supplies, he stopped all contact with the people who knew of him. He completely monopolized himself, I can understand wanting separation. But I don’t understand sending yourself into a suicide mission, I don’t agree with some of the choices he made. I think he could have gotten the same benefits from his journeys even if he took more precautions and allowed a little
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