Into The Wild Family Analysis

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What are the different versions of family in McCandless’ story? Discuss both Chris's biological family and the families he creates for himself along the road.

In the novel Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, Christopher McCandless encounters many families outside his previous family living in Annandale, Virginia. In his journeys, Chris, later known as Alex, discovers that he has multiple chances to create families beyond his own. Although these families are not Alex’s actual family, they make a lasting connection with him, and bond throughout his travels. Because his original family had so many problems, Alex (Chris) tried to recreate a better, more widespread family on his travels. In the novel, Alex makes numerous relationships with strangers, and continues to keep
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However as the story progressed it seemed that he became so ingrossed in the journey, that he jeopardized his life in the end. This is seen when krakauer says “He was balanced on a precarious edge”. Afterall, Chris did not come as prepared as he could have, and could have most certainly been more careful with his actions.

Chris McCandless recorded his adventures through photos, a journal, in books he read, and on the belt he wore. How do you record your life? What is the value of reflection and preserving experiences? In my life, I record my life through many different ways. One of these ways is to draw about it and hang it up. I do this to not only to preserve the memory, but to also preserve my feelings I experienced throughout that time period. The value of being able to do things such as this is priceless, because it allows people to share stories of how they traveled through their life struggles, and it also allows for us to reflect on our past.

Chris set out to “kill the false being within” (163). What do you think he meant by
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