Into The Wild Film Analysis

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In the film, Into the Wild, Chris wanted to be in a world where society did not control who he was. He wanted to be free and loved adventures. Id understand him because there are times when I myself want to run away without anyone knowing my destination, but to leave for such a long time and say not one word? He made a lot of mistakes based on ignorance and arrogance. I disagree because how can he just leave without calling and then dying when misused. If my child ever did that I would be going insane, but i admire how strong Chris was. Chris should've at least given a call to his parents' to let them know he was okay and alive. He was emotionally and mentally unstable thinking that abandoning his family would solve his problems. Would you go above and beyond like Chris did to be himself and run away with no word left behind? How would you feel leaving your family with that speechless pain? Chris felt he did not belong anywhere in the society the world was placing him to be. He was strong enough to get up and make a big change in his life and I admire for that, but not for leaving with not one word left. Chris understood life a…show more content…
He wanted to be free. Overall, everyone just stayed jealous because they didn't have a big enough passion like he did for what he wanted. I don't think for a second he ever regretted his decision, he knew what he was getting into and still did it. Don't confuse courageousness for stupidity. People confused Chris for being stupid instead of being courageous. It is scary to travel somewhere you have never been before, on your own, but I am seventeen years old and I love getting lost and adventuring new places just like Chris did. Although I don't know about going missing forever. Chris was the black sheep in his family and I believe he shouldn't be looked at that way for committing something he truly wanted at
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