Into The Wild: Is Chris Mccandless Stupid?

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Why I think Chris McCandless is Stupid Into the Wild, a book by Jon Krauker and a film by Sean Penn is a story about Chris McCandless, the son of wealthy parents who graduated from Wilbert Tucker Woodson High School and Emory University. His family expected too much from him and it is possible that one of the many reasons he abandons everything was because of his parents. If I was him I would have moved to a new city, remain distant from family, and start a career instead of going to the wilderness only to die. He didn’t tell his parents of his actions and that’s stupid. Even if he hated them, he should of told them because his parents were worried and they wanted him to succeed. Because of the fact that he made poor decisions, traveled into the wilderness for no good reason, and lacked common sense, I agree with the statement that Chris is completely ignorant. Chris McCandless went on a journey that eventually lead him to Alaska where he met his demised. He took on the name Alexander Supertramp. In the book Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer it states, “What Walt, Billie, and Carine didn’t know when they flew down to Atlanta to…show more content…
I’m not saying his life was perfect, but in many peoples point of view, including myself it seems like he was privileged. Now obviously people see things differently. Maybe in his point of view he just feels the need to abandon everything and he didn’t like his life. In Chris Ingram Remove The Bus essay about Into The Wild he states “For him to sever contact with his family and loved ones and die of simple starvation is just terribly sad and selfish (Online Source).” I completely agree with Chris Ingram. I feel this way because it’s immoral to leave family behind and I think it is just plain stupid that he just went to the forest and lived by
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