Into The Wild Life On The Road Analysis

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In the novel Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer he tells a story about a young mans life on the road. During Chris McCandless’s trip he comes across some difficulties that make his journey tough. Although some people may think life on the road is easier and a better thing to do it’s not always for everyone. Living life on the road is a big change and a different environment that you have to adapt to, however Chris McCandless was able to adapt to this lifestyle with the help of his journal and knowledge. While Chris was on the road he experienced some risks and discomforts such as him not bringing enough food with him, he only had a bag of rice. He also was not well prepared and only had clothes that he had on his back. On his journey Chris meets…show more content…
Don’t settle down and sit in one place. move around, be nomadic, make each day a new horizon.” Soon enough the old man takes his advice and moves from San diego to an abandoned campsite waiting for chris to return. Some advantages of life on the road is getting to experience new things such as nature, you have more open space to do what you want, fresh outdoor air and blocking society out. Life on the road has an advantage such as not having communication on cell phones or through the internet. People who can communicate well with others will meet and talk to people they meet on the road, for example Chris meet people as he went on with his journey. Chris had a personality that allowed him to get along with people well, Carine says “ even when we were little he was very to himself. He wasn’t antisocial- he always had friends and everybody liked him. He didn’t seem to need toys or friends. He could be alone without being lonely.” When i would go to Kern River every summer it was one of the most peaceful things i would do, being away from the city and having no cell phone connection or electronics and just spending your days and nights adventuring and admiring nature was such an enjoyable
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